we are not magic

Yesterday I watched Brave. I had pretty high expectations and I was surprised. A plot I never had imagined, but in hinesite really enjoyed. Brave is Pixars first shot at a story with a female main character, and what a charater she is. She is nothing a girly girl is supposed to be. She is loud, roudy and likes creepy and disgusting. She likes to roam around the woods, shot arrows and climb mountains. And I thought, a story about a girl defying all rules of what feminine means (some characteristics: passive, quiet, pretty). And fittingly she is expected to follow a lot of rules, not only as a girl, but as a princess and the first born. She has to be perfect and has to marry a man according to tradition. And also fittingly her mother teaches her and represents tradition. As in many sites in time and space she represents women that where expected to uphold tradition and the nation (ex. WWII and Indenpendance struggle in India). Without her and her compliance war would break out and chaos persist. As a woman one has to be perfect and follow the rules. Unlike the baby brothers, who get away with faults and nastyness at lenght. And I think, what an adventure this would be. I did not think, this will be a story about the relationship betweet a mother and her daughter. But so it is. Conflict of generations, one wanting to uphold what she has learned and how things are supposed to be and the other eager for change and freedom to choose. And I realise, what an interesting twist. I particular like the details in some plot corners. The relationship with the princess and the father seem to be the one that encourages this girl to defy normativity but then in a flashback I realise her mothers role in her life, as a foundational character, is much more present. The princess is shown in a moment, the only moment with apparent fear, during a storm. Her mother ensures her, that there is nothing to be scared of and that she will always be there for her. A brilliant detail. The foundtion of a brave life is knowing that someone will be there for you. Thanks for that. Now to a dilemma, when on earth did the princess, in all the comotion running around the castle into the forest with her mom, escaping arrows and stuff have time to change her dress?! I know we are expected to be perfect. Do it all and look great doing it, but we are not freaking magic!


winziger witz

Ich saß auf dem Klo und hatte ein Prä-Po-Sitzung im Kopf.


ich will

Wer würde nicht gern einen eigenen Roboter haben.

Bei Robot Nation gibs ne auswahl zum selber bauen.


moving pictures

On MakeGIF you can make your own short GIF animation.

Surely, everyone needs that.


O, du wundervolle Welt XII

Es ist wieder an der Zeit. Diese ganz bestimmte Zeit. In Berlin sind die Pollen los. Und sie fliegen leicht wie Federn durcheinander. Naja, sind halt Pollen. Kein Kunststück, wenn man sowieso, so als Pollen, nix wiegt. Diese Pollen, die zur Zeit fliegen sind recht gross und errinnern an Wattebausche, denen man nicht gesagt hat, dass sie nicht fliegen. Sie haben sich leichgemacht und schweben durch die Luft, so dass auch die unmärchenhafteste Strasse wie aus einem Fantasyfilm scheint (Ref. Legende). Und irgendwie ist dann alles besser. Ich bedanke mich und freue mich über die Pollenzeit, die in dieser Zeit gerade richtig kommen ist.